Profile of the Borderland Personality

  1. Borderland personalities have a deep and primary connection to nature. Most are more comfortable in relationship with animals than with people.
  2. All have transrational experiences such as communicating with plants and animals and somatic identification with earth’s suffering.
  3. Many have experienced trauma as children or adults. Many have not.
  4. Unlike the Borderline personality, the Borderland personality has a stable identity.
  5. Most hide their Borderland nature – often including from their therapist -- for fear of being branded “crazy” or weird. This leads to living parallel and camouflaged lives -- their hidden life in the Borderland (which is their primary identification), and their life in the mundane world.
  6. Most feel isolated and lack a sense of community and belonging because they are unaware that there are many others like them.
  7. All experience their Borderland reality as sacred.
  8. Most tend to be hypersensitive on the somatic level. Many experience Environmental Illness. But, many do not.
  9. 100% of all Borderland personalities with whom I have had contact say they would not give up that connection if they could – even if it were to diminish their suffering.
  10. Although many would identify with being Nature’s “canaries,” most are at a loss as to the imperative for transformation that they have been given.