Future Primitive Interview

Listen to an audio interview with Joanna Harcourt-Smith, from the Future Primitive podcast.

The FuturePrimitive.org podcasts are dedicated to assisting people in participating in the shift that is occurring at this moment in our way of life. For more information, visit FuturePrimitive.org

  1. 55:38 minutes (22.2 MB)


Well listening to the audio

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Butterflys Day Out

Thank you, thank you thank you! This piece of music set to such powerful photos moved me to tears! It was beautiful and just what I needed today! It was the horse that I really connected to in time to the music. I could feel the swelling of the horses chest as he was immersed in the bliss of the feeling of connectedness with all! Very powerful! I was there! I also love the picture of the Cosmos.

Much gratitude for all that you have contributed to this world with your work!

Thanks again,