Jerome is collecting Borderland dreams for research and study. These would be dreams that have a Nature theme, dreams involving animals and dreams regarding the environment, global warming and the ecology. If you are in doubt whether a dream would fit the Borderland theme, please do send it. If you would like to share a dream, please send us an email. Tho there is no guarantee of publication, please indicate in your email if you authorize your dream to be published. Also indicate whether or not you consider yourself a Borderlander, and if we are free to publish your name, or if you would prefer to remain anonymous. Many thanks for your interest and participation.

Assuming dreams are part of the collective experience, they do not necessarily belong to only our personal recognitions but are the stirrings of a deeper force, perhaps an ancestral knowing that comes from our organic nature. All animals dream, like breathing, it is an involuntary behavior, one that is not governed by mind or intelligence...perhaps our dreams can guide us back into our remembrance as part of the earth.

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I recently had a dream about the ocean. I go to the ocean every morning and do a dream council. The dream took place in this particular landscape. It was a simple dream. I was at the place where I do my dream council facing the ocean. As I looked out into the water I saw many people swimming. As I watched them I could see a huge tidal wave in the distance. I was deeply concerned about all the people in the water who seemed oblivious to what was happening. I wanted to warn them, to do something. As I felt for all the people in the water wanting to do something I had a clear felt sense from ocean that I was not to do anything. I then wondered what the best way to meet this wave was. I thought about swimming towards it, into it and through. Again, ocean was clear that I was to stay on shore. I turned to face the mountains. The wave "showed" me that it would peak and crash behind me and that I would feel the foam around my legs. I woke up with a sense of emotional and physical anguish about the rage/pain in ocean and the suffering that was going to be experienced by all the people in the water.