Butterfly's Day Out

I find this piece of music to be both beautiful and applicable.

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I totally agree with the title given to the video that music is beautiful as well as applicable. The video has been in such a way that the music along with the lyrics perfectly matches the visualization. I enjoyed listening to this piece of music “The Butterfly’s Day Out”. qspray.com

Butterflies day out

Butterflies day out is very soothing and like to watch these beautiful locations in the video. Very touching music pal. I am a music junky and i love to listen to such sort of tracks. When ever i use to finish to write my essay, i surf for good music. Thanks for giving us this pleasure through your post.


The Butterfly's Day Out

The combination of the exqusite visual beauty with the inspiring music brought me from feeling scattered and frenetic to grounded and open. Thank you for making this available.
Barbara from ME

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Barbara from ME:

There are few things that are as satisfying as being able to share one's experience of beauty. The combination of the music with the visuals conjures up the Navajo word for Beauty which is hózhó. It also connotes harmony and balance. Holding the concept in mind may enable you to reach for it when you feel scattered and frenetic again.

And, let's not forget to thank YoYo Ma and Joshua Bell.

Best wishes,

Jerome Bernstein

Your music

Listening to your lovely choice of music and the accompanying photographs, I had the thought that perhaps one day, when I am no longer here and can look down and view this world from another perspective, perhaps I can appreciate it the way, surely, it should be appreciated. Somehow I cannot now do this. I guess I, like many others, no doubt, are too enmeshed in the earthly games to stop, really look, really listen, and really appreciate. Seems we are basically an ungrateful, unappreciative breed, many of us.

Take care,

Tommye Rodrigues


Dear Tommye Rodrigues:

Thank you for your comments about the music and the photos. I hope too that one day when you are longer here you can see hear and see it the way you would like.

However I would point out that you did hear and appreciate it today. And you were touched by it and you made a connection.

That feels the opposite of ungrateful and unappreciative. So thank you!

Jerome Bernstein

Butterflys Day Out

Fri, 06/04/2010 - 12:20pm — Anonymous
Butterflys Day Out

Thank you, thank you thank you! This piece of music set to such powerful photos moved me to tears! It was beautiful and just what I needed today! It was the horse that I really connected to in time to the music. I could feel the swelling of the horses chest as he was immersed in the bliss of the feeling of connectedness with all! Very powerful! I was there! I also love the picture of the Cosmos.

Much gratitude for all that you have contributed to this world with your work!

Thanks again,